Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy:

John is an expert in rehabilitating patients back to their chosen activity whether it be walking 5km, playing a round of golf, completing a marathon, playing team sport at a high-level or for a local club. John will provide you with a clear path to recovery and the approximate length of time it should take and give you the tools to help manage your injury in the future, so it doesn’t reoccur again.

John has years of experience rehabilitating people back to high level sport following injuries such as ACL reconstructions, meniscal repairs, rotator cuff repairs, spinal surgeries, key hole surgeries, hamstring, calf and Achilles tears, to name but a few. Read more about Post Surgery Physiotherapy here.

John has a wealth of experience in rehabilitating patients back to playing their sport.
John has a wealth of experience in rehabilitating patients back to playing their sport

It’s normal for people involved in sport to push their bodies and this sometimes can result in an injury. This however is nothing to be alarmed about and with the right advice, education, rehab and guidance the person should be back to their sport in no time. Sometimes returning to the same level of exercise too soon can flare up an injury and add to the time away from the sport so it’s essential that a knowledgeable and qualified health professional such as a Chartered Physiotherapist is sought out.  Injuries in sport need not be a major obstacle in your sport or season and keep you from playing or running for long periods. It’s essential when you get a sports injury that you listen to your body and seek out a Physiotherapist in the early stages for the right advice, exercises and treatment to get you back on track. Physiotherapists are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in this area and will guide you on the right road to recovery, ensuring that it does not reoccur again in the future.

For specific advice on hamstring injuries, have a read of our blog post: How to Treat a Hamstring Injury or feel free to get in touch.

At Next Level Physiotherapy setting joint goals with the patient is essential and makes the rehab process more efficient and effective. There are a range of treatments that are available for treating sports injuries including advice, education, exercise prescription, manual therapy, sports massage, and dry needling. In the later stages of the rehab John will focus on sport specific rehab and drills ensuring that the patient is back to 100% , experiencing no pain and feeling confident in completing any tasks or demands that the sport requires. Get in touch via our contact form here, or call or text on 087 184 9464. Don’t forget to take advantage of our welcome offer too – €5 off your first appointment!

Sports Massage:

Sports massage can be useful before or after strenuous exercise. They’re great for assisting in preventing injuries and aiding recovery. Learn more about what a sports massage could do for you here. To book a sports massage fill in our contact form here, or call or text us on 087 184 9464.

Injury Prevention Talk:

John has always had a great passion for injury prevention. His philosophy is that if you take care of your body and be proactive rather than reactive not only will it save you money and time away from your sport, but it will also help you excel in your chosen sport thereby reaching the next level. John has developed an injury prevention course for GAA players researching the latest and highest quality research* available and creating an efficient and effective exercise regime that can be easily incorporated into an individual’s training programme thereby significantly reducing the frequency of the most common injuries sustained in GAA. John has started with GAA but plans on delivering this course to all the major sports played in Ireland over the next few years. If you would like more information on this course then please visit our Sports Injury Prevention Course page.

*When creating the injury prevention course John has liaised with the GAA gaining access to research that was completed by the injury surveillance database team that recorded injuries to inter-county GAA players from 2007-2014. In the future Next Level Physiotherapy will also be providing injury prevention programmes for soccer and rugby teams.