Clinic Physiotherapy assessments are available for your everyday aches and pains, sports injuries and after surgery. This may include, for example neck, back, shoulder, hips, knees, ankle, elbow, foot or hand pain. A Physiotherapy session would entail taking a full history of your current problem followed by a physical examination. We would examine your range of motion, strength, flexibility, balance and motor control. In some circumstances, where there may be an issue with your nerve, an assessment of your nervous system may include testing your reflexes and sensation. Book online for a Physiotherapy appointment now to start your journey to to recovery.

Common injuries that are seen in the clinic:

One-off Consultation Service

One-off consultations are designed for patients who have a long history of a specific problem and feel that, despite trying different treatments and getting advice from different health professionals, that they are still unsatisfied and have not yielded any significant improvements to date.

In this scenario, there will an in-depth history review of your problem and how it has developed, changed and your journey to the present day since it’s onset. If you have any scans or reports, please bring these along. A list of your medical conditions and medication is also required to get a full picture. John can, therefore, offer you the best possible advice on what your next step should be and what health professional is best suited to assist you. After this is complete John will do a full assessment examining your movements, strength, flexibility, balance and motor control. We will also undertake special tests (putting your affected joint or spine in specific positions) that can indicate if there is a specific structure involved. John will also examine your nervous system which may include a sensation and reflex test.

Following this, he will advise you on what your next step is. This could be a steroid injection, onward referral to GP or consultant, or further investigations, to name a few. If the issue is to do with sport and exercise, this may include advice on training plans in order to prevent injury from worsening or reoccurring.

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