Sports Injury Prevention

Sports Injury Prevention Course for GAA Clubs

John has always had a great passion for sports injury prevention which has been the driving force behind Next Level Physiotherapy. His philosophy is that taking care of your body and being proactive will not only save you money and time spent away from your sport, but it will also help you excel, thereby reaching the next level.

Our injury prevention course has been developed specifically for GAA players, using the latest and highest quality research available.*  It offers an efficient and effective exercise regime, that can be easily incorporated into an individual’s training programme. Thereby, significantly reducing the frequency of the most common injuries sustained in GAA.

Cork Physio, John Shanahan giving a Sport Injury Prevention Presentation
Cork Physio, John Shanahan giving a Sport Injury Prevention Presentation

How this course will benefit your club:

Physically, the players will be in better condition. They will have fewer injuries and will perform at a higher level. Therefore, achieving better results during the year. Hopefully leading to silverware and/or promotion.

Psychologically, they will feel stronger and fitter as they won’t have any niggling injuries. They will be able to focus completely on the game, with no external distractions of injuries. For example, sprinting, jumping, or turning quickly, without fear of sustaining an injury.

Finally, the club will benefit financially as there will be less physiotherapy and GP visits, and fewer x-rays and scans. Therefore, allowing more resources and funding to be directed into equipment, facilities and developing the club further.

This course is currently designed for GAA sports. However, there are plans to deliver this course to all major sports played in Ireland over the next few years. If you would like more information or would like to book this course for your own club, please contact Next Level Physiotherapy.

*When creating the injury prevention course, John has liaised with the GAA, gaining access to research from the injury surveillance database team that recorded injuries to inter-county GAA players from 2007-2014. In the future Next Level Physiotherapy will also be providing injury prevention programmes for soccer and rugby teams.

Feedback from recent participants of our Sports Injury Prevention Course for GAA sports.
Selection of feedback quotes from participants of our Sports Injury Prevention Course

Sports Injury Prevention Advice

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