Home Physiotherapy

Next Level Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy treatments in the comfort of the patients’ home. With experience of working in community-based physiotherapy in NHS Scotland, John provides top-quality care to his patients. Home Physiotherapy is suitable for anyone who is struggling with their mobility, confidence or had a recent fall. For example after being discharged from hospital, who may need extra input to return to previous activity levels.

Home physiotherapy is suitable for those who may have lost confidence in going outside. This includes individuals who are at a higher risk of falls, recently had a stroke or who may have fallen and would like to regain their previous level of mobility. It’s also available for people who don’t have the mobility or transport to get to the clinic.

What to expect from Home Physiotherapy

For a home physiotherapy visit, John will call to the patient’s home on request from the patient or health professional. He will undertake a full Physiotherapy assessment as if they were in the clinic but in the convenience of their own home. A physiotherapy home call will focus on advice, education and exercise prescription that the person can do in their own home. Exercises would focus on areas such as strength, balance, and flexibility. All programmes are tailored to the person’s individual needs and abilities.

Exercise and Falls Prevention

John will also carry out a mobility (walking) assessment indoors and outdoors, if requested, to minimise the risk of falls. Recommendations on walking aids and where to purchase them can also be provided. In addition, an assessment of your home will take place. We will make suggestions on changes that could reduce the risk of a fall.

About 1 in 3 adults over 65 who live at home alone will have at least one fall per year
Individuals who are more at risk of falls

The research has shown that exercise can reduce the risk of falls and depression in older adults by 30%, along with many other health benefits as shown below. Here are some excellent, proactive examples that you can use to keep active and reduce the risk of falls

Benefits of exercise and keeping active
Benefits of exercise and keeping active

Further details and information on preventing falls are available through the Next Level Physiotherapy Falls Prevention Talk. We will also gladly present this talk for social clubs or activity groups. Get in touch to find out more.

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