Online Physiotherapy

Online Physiotherapy Video Consultations

Next Level Physiotherapy Cork provides an Online Physiotherapy consultation via a video call for anyone who would like an appointment this way. This service allows you to receive Physiotherapy in the comfort and safety of your home, whilst still addressing your Physiotherapy needs. This is a great alternative to a clinic appointment if you feel uncomfortable about attending in person or have underlying health conditions that put you, or your loved ones, at risk. 

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What will happen during the appointment?

The Physiotherapy session and treatment will take place via WhatsApp, FaceTime or similar video software on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, whichever means suits you best. You will be asked a few simple questions about your pain to establish the potential cause and how it may be reduced or resolved.

Following this you will be asked to perform some movements of the area that is causing pain, along with other areas that may be involved. A discussion will then follow to establish the cause and to create a plan for improvement. You will then receive specific exercises with demonstrations on how to do them and how often these should be completed. You will also receive written advice on the reasons behind your discomfort and expectations for improvements.

Can pain improve with Online Physio?

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based profession, therefore, treatments should be scientifically proven to work. Evidence currently states that any musculoskeletal pain or injuries are best treated with advice, education, reassurance and specific exercises. Therefore recovery is often possible without ever having to come into physical contact.

John was grateful to have contributed to creation of the ISCP (Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists) guidelines on Online Video Physiotherapy, that have now been published nationwide to assist in establishing the practice across the country.

How is personal information and privacy protected during Physiotherapy via video online?

As with all our clinic appointments, we require a signed copy of our Data Consent and Protection Form. You will receive this by email prior to your online Physiotherapy appointment. An acknowledgment that you have received and agree to the processing of your data must be sent before the appointment. We won’t save or store the video call.

How do I pay for an Online Physiotherapy Session?

We can securely take payment over the phone by debit or credit card.

If you would like to book an online consultation please contact us or call/text/Whatsapp 087 184 9464. Alternatively, you can also book your online Physiotherapy video consultation through our online booking system.