I am suffering from pain and stiffness in my arm. Went to John 4 weeks ago and he knew immediately what is causing it. I have been given a range of exercises as well as have been attending John’s clinic every week for a physiotherapy treatment. I cannot stress enough the professional and attentive approach that John has. I can definitely say that I’m in good hands and the progress that I have made since, is a true testimony to John’s amazing work. Thanks John!

Jolanta Rudnik

Suffered a back injury and was seen to almost immediately by John. Booked online and was straightforward. John identified the source of the problem and had me 100% again after only 2 sessions. Gave some simple but effective exercises to do afterwards to keep me injury free. Would definitely recommend.

Jerry Clancy

Would definitely recommend John and those at Next Level Physiotherapy, had a very positive experience.

I was in and out of playing soccer with my local team injured with the same issue for about 15 months in total.

After getting an MRI (tendonosis of right knee) and treatment with another physio, I went back only to get injured again.

John gave me a detailed exercise plan to follow along with treatment and great advice on how to manage it and slowly get back to playing.

Back now about 1 month thanks to John and couldn’t thank him or recommend him enough.

Shane Ward

John was extremely helpful and professional in my recovery from fasciotomy surgery. The practice followed hygiene protocols to the highest standard. I’d highly recommend.

Shaunagh Leahy-Long

After suffering a shoulder injury in the gym, I went went to John. He diagnosed the injury immediately and gave me exercises to help regain mobility and flexibility, which led to immediate improvement. He then set about helping me regain strength in the shoulder as well as mobility and flexibility, progressively adding exercises that improved my shoulder. After a few weeks, I was back to training at my normal level if not even better, whilst incorporating the exercises he gave me. He also gave me advice on how to prevent such an injury going forward. John was friendly, professional, approachable, organised, and set a clear pathway to recovery. He also kept in touch to see how I was. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from an injury.

Neil Melly

I visited Next Level Physiotherapy for neck and shoulder pain. John gave me exercises to strengthen muscles in that area and advice to ease pain which reduced considerable. I was very pleased with the treatment and would highly recommend Next Level Physiotherapy.

Niamh Connery

Excellent physio that I would highly recommend. I got an appointment very quickly due to back pain. John used a combination of massage, dry needling and showed me exercises to strengthen the muscles and my back feels much better already.

Maria Harte

John is a great physiotherapist, he’s very good at explaining what exercises to do and why you should be doing them so you better understand the reasons behind why they are picked. Unlike other physios I’ve been too, he doesn’t keep you coming back week after week so he can get more money, he is extremely fair and I have always felt he’s had my best interests at heart. I will always recommend him to anyone who asks about seeing a physiotherapist.


I went to Next Level Physiotherapy after suffering severe lower back pain and with an MRI scan result that was very worrying. John was immediately reassuring, taking a no-nonsense approach and encouraging me to keep active. He provided what I felt was a very personalised service that has made such a big difference. Would really, really recommend.

Jonathan Evershed

John is a fantastic physio. He managed to fix my ongoing neck issues and within a few treatments I am now pain free. Would highly recommend.

Celine Fitzgibbon